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M L Crowe Ipswich Dentist Whitening Procedure

Ipswich Teeth Whitening - M L Crowe Dental Practices

When teeth first erupt they are usually quite white but with time they can accumulate stain and appear more yellow.

These factors can contribute to teeth discolouration:

Discolouring / Stains

There are three levels of discolouring or stains:

Surface level

These superficial stains are best removed by a professional scale and polish carried out by either dentist or hygienist. Ultrasonic scaling in particular uses a tip vibrating at high frequency to quickly and effectively remove both surface stain and hard scale. A thirty minute visit to our hygienist currently costs around £46.

Yellowing and deep staining

Normal scaling and polishing may not be able to remove these stains and your teeth remain stubbornly yellow or discoloured. Professional teeth whitening can make a big difference here, and our dentist will help you choose the most effective and appropriate teeth whitening solution.

Inherited discolouration

These are sometimes genetic and even professional teeth whitening treatments may not be effective for this condition. Cosmetic crowns or veneers may be the ideal solution. Please see our page on Ipswich cosmetic dentistry for more details.

Whitening Procedures

Both whitening procedures when carried out by a dental professional are:

Indirect Method

This procedure uses custom made bleaching trays and 6% peroxide home bleaching gel. The trays are worn for several hours each day or at nights for at least 21 days. A prior visit to our hygienist to remove superficial stain is also recommended. This method is also suitable as a top up for the direct procedure to maintain the improvement achieved.

Direct Method

This procedure involves 6% peroxide whitening gel being applied directly to the teeth whilst you are in the dental chair. Our dentist will explain the procedure, obtain consent and assess the shade of your teeth using a shade guide both before and after to confirm the improvement. Your gums are protected from the effects of the whitening gel by the careful application of a resin barrier and an LED light may be used to accelerate the procedure. A home bleaching kit containing custom made trays and bleaching gel is recommended to maintain and top up the procedure.

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