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Ipswich Orthodontics - M L Crowe Dental Practices

Orthodontic treatment involves the application of gentle forces from appliances (braces) to move teeth into better functional or aesthetic positions.

We offer a variety of orthodontic options to enhance your self confidence by straightening teeth and improving the appearance of your smile.

Ipswich Orthodontics at M L Crowe Dental Practices

The Procedure

Following a comprehensive examination of your dentition including x-rays, study models and photos we are able to formulate a treatment plan and offer options to improve your smile. Occasionally we may suggest that teeth are removed to provide space to straighten crowded teeth but non extraction options are preferable where possible. In addition to traditional tried and tested fixed braces made up of brackets and wires, we also offer custom made removable braces such as clear overlays to align your teeth, functional appliances and Inman type aligners.

We also operate a referral system subject to criteria for complex cases to the hospital or specialist orthodontic services.

Ipswich Orthodontics at M L Crowe Dental Practices

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