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M L Crowe Ipswich Emergency Dentist

Ipswich Emergency Dentist - M L Crowe Dental Practices

We offer a weekday Ipswich emergency dentist service with an experienced and sympathetic dentist for the prompt relief of urgent dental problems including toothache, dental abscess, lost crowns, broken teeth or dentures etc.

Other conditions that may need urgent attention include swelling originating from broken or decayed teeth, knocked out or loose teeth, wisdom teeth problems and loose fillings.

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Do you have an urgent dental problem that needs attention? Contact our emergency dentist.

07793 745 502


Our fixed fee is between £90 and £140 for normal surgery hours during week days and includes all treatment necessary to alleviate dental pain, (usually not just antibiotics), provide permanent or temporary fillings or simple denture repairs*. The fee would for example cover simple dental extractions if appropriate, start of root canal, a referral, or the provision of temporary crowns to restore appearance and prevent further damage to tooth structure etc. We will inform you the cost beforehand for more difficult surgical extractions, removal of wisdom teeth etc. 

To contact our Ipswich Emergency Dentist use our emergency mobile helpline below:
Emergency Ipswich Dentist: 07793 745 502

Please contact as early as possible after 9.00 am to enable us to provide prompt attention and our out of hours emergency Ipswich emergency dentist mobile helpline is 07793 745 502.

* Repairs to dentures can be done the same day but occasionally take 24 hours.

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