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Ipswich Dental Implants - M L Crowe Dental Practices

Ipswich Dental Implants - M L Crowe Dental Practices

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for missing teeth and involve placing precision titanium or occasionally Zirconia screws into the jaw bone to support crowns, bridges or dentures. Titanium or Zirconia materials are used because they are relatively inert and the least likely to be rejected by the body's immune system.

The Procedure

The procedure involves two stages involving implant placement followed by a period of several months to allow integration and then restoration of the implant with the appropriate restoration. Success rates exceed 90% over a 15 year period which is greater than other solutions like bridges supported by original teeth. Good oral hygiene including where necessary regular visits to our hygienist will help the implants last longer.

M L Crowe Ipswich Dental Implants


Assessment for dental implants involves a full medical history followed by x rays and usually a CT bone scan of the jaws in 3D to establish that there is sufficient good quality bone to support the implant(s). The position of the sinus regions are also relevant to the placement of implants in the upper jaw. Bone reconstruction and augmentation carried out by a specialist oral surgeon is also an option for those patients not having sufficient jaw bone or where the sinuses are close to the proposed implant site. It is possible to have an implant placed immediately after the extraction of a compromised tooth but again a period several months is needed to allow bone integration before final restoration with a crown or bridge etc. Full dentures secured by implants offer ultimate stability and comfort.

Smoking is generally considered a contraindication for dental implants but a decision is subject to an individual assessment.


Cost of a single implant and associated crown from £2500 but subject to an individual case assessment. We currently use the Astra Tech system because it has a proven track record of producing reliable results.

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